Cynthia Moore

シンシア・ムーア, Pola Dickens
Age: Around 40 Cynthia is confident in her abilities and she takes pride in her sex appeal. She is a confident and outgoing woman. Shes very smart and shes good at acting. She can speak multiple languages and she can stay calm in stressful situations. Cynthia worked at a cafe as a young woman where she met Thomas Meyer who had been coming to cafe even before she worked there. They hit it off and soon started dating and living together living off of mainly canned beans while Cynthia tried to break into the world of stage acting Thomas started trying to sell original paintings including some based on Cynthia. One day while trying to sell his paintings Thomas was noticed by James Coleman who hired Thomas to make copies of unfound paintings for Coleman to sell during this time Cynthia and Thomas grew apart due to Thomass focus on money at the time. Some point after her breakup with Thomas Cynthia became a conartist.