Tokoha Anjou

Tokoha Anjou is member of Team TRY3 and is an eighth grader in the same class as Chrono Shindou. She uses a Neo Nectar deck and her avatar card is Ranunculus Flower Maiden Ahsha. She is a levelheaded honor student with a strong sense of justice. As a result she often clashes with Chrono without her turning into a timid little flower. She respects her older brother Mamoru Anjou who is a wellknown Vanguard Fighter. Thanks to Mamoru she knows a ton about Vanguard and is a very skilled cardfighter. She also treats Akane Kiyosu both as an older sister and a close friend. She loves managing and participating in festivals but tends to be rather bossy and intimidating whenever she organizes them. While she loves to Cardfight she bears an inferiority complex towards Mamoru she feels that she can never be as good as Mamoru and thus tends to avoid competing in larger tournaments. Due to being Mamorus little sister people often expect her to be as good as him. As a result she interprets this as a sign that shes living in her brothers shadow which can upset her to the point of affecting her focus and cause her to make misplays usually costing her a fight on more than one occasion. After defeating her brother once she learned to not let this affect her any longer as shown during her rematch against Rin Hashima. Source: Cardfight Vanguard Wikia