Ian Vashti

Birthday:Jan 21
A bespectacled middleaged man affiliated with Celestial Being039s mobile suit development project. He personally delivered new equipment to the Meisters in Episode 6. He also appears to be the technician aboard Ptolemaios and in charge of the repairs on the ship and the Gundams. Four years later he reveals to Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long the Gundam 0 and they talk about Gundam 00 and Ian tells them that the Gundam 0039s GN Drive is not compatible with the Gundam 00 and he wonders whether Gundam Exia039s GN Drive will work on it. He used to be part of AEU and was good friends with Joyce Moreno before they joined Celestial Being. He will appear in the Second Season along with his daughter Mileina.