Sangchul Min

Age: unknown Occupation: Saehan Credit Union Employee Mafia underling Sangchul is Mookyuls righthand man. Having worked with the corporation for 56 years already he was entrusted by GunWoong to take care of Mookyul. He pretty much take cares of all the dirty work and keeps Mookyul updated on everything. He usually is the one to keep Mookyul under control when hes blown his temper. He gets along very well with Ewon and usually has his back whenever Ewons in trouble. Sangchul is hardworking obedient and dedicated to his job. He has great respect for Mookyul even though Mookyul is younger than him. He is very loyal that he even declined a job that offered to pay him twice his current pay. At the same time hes easygoing considering how supportive he is of Mookyul and Ewons relationship. He loves dried squid with beer and will probably never be seen without shades. Source: ttlycaptivatedlivejournal