Kanji Tatsumi

巽 完二

Age: 15-16 Date of Birth: January 19th, 1996 Zodiac: Capricorn Height: 183 cm (6') Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: A Initial Persona: Take-Mikazuchi Ultimate Persona: Rokuten Maou A male delinquent with a bleached, swept-back crewcut who has a scar above his left eye. He wears many piercings, metal jewelry, and a black sweater with a skull-and-crossbones design on it under his school uniform. He uses brute force in combat, swinging weapons such as steel chairs and shields. Kanji has a reputation as being a bully, and is the center of numerous rumors regarding a confrontation with a local biker gang. He also attends Yasogami High. His mother runs a textile shop, with the Amagi family being one of their main customers. Kanji is skilled at tailoring for this reason, and has been interested in sewing since he was a child, but was teased about his interests. His Persona is Take-Mikazuchi of The Emperor Arcana, which, like Kanji, is a large, imposing figure with a skeleton-like design similar to Kanji's winter uniform. He uses electric spells and physical attacks. Once the player completes Kanji's Emperor S.Link, Take-Mikazuchi will evolve into Rokuten-Maō.

Kanji's Midnight Channel dungeon is a men's bathhouse. His Shadow is a mostly nude version of himself surrounded by roses and holding two Mars symbols. It represents his desire to be accepted by society (mainly females because of their impression of him) for who he really is, regardless of his hobbies. In the S.Link for The Emperor, Kanji and the protagonist meet a boy who lost a doll. Reminded of his situation while he was at that age, and in an effort to cheer up the child, Kanji personally made him a few dolls, which are so well made that they become a hit with the children and their mothers. Due to this, Kanji's works are displayed in his parents' textile shop as a side business, and by the end of the game he holds his own handcraft classes. Kanji eventually learns to take pride in his skills, rather than hide them.