Chen Mu

牧尘, The Bloodbath Butcher of the Spirit Road, Blood Calamity, Number One Freshmen, Heavenly Ranking Rank 3, Rank 1 New Overlord, Great Commander Mu, King Mu, Emperor Mu, Sovereign Mu, Lord Mu, Planar Lord, Lord Deity, Mu Saint
Mu Chen is always calm and confident. Unlike other people he never shows pride to others no matter how strong he becomes because he knows his capabilities and shortcomings well. He always respects the seniors and adores the juniors. He never makes trouble with other on his own. But if anyone tries to trouble him or with his friend he doesnt hesitate to kill. If his friends or family is in trouble he will risk his life to save them. With an iron will and determination he walks the path of cultivation. No matter how difficult the journey is he faces them headon.