シン, Lord King
Kenshiros initial adversary in the series Shin was Kenshiros friend and rival who was taught in the martial arts style of Nanto Seiken specifically Nanto Koshuuken or Lone Eagle Fist of the South Star whose practitioners are able to pierce flesh with their bare fingers. He had secretly fallen in love with Yuria Kenshiros lover and had slowly become insanely jealous. Jagi soon corrupted Shin and convinced him to take Yuria for himself. Shin promptly challenged and defeated Kenshiro then tried to convince Yuria to love him by wounding Kenshiro with his fingers giving Kenshiro his distinctive seven scars in the shape of the Big Dipper. When Yuria finally gave in and said she loved him Shin left Kenshiro for dead in the desert. Shin went on to amass an army to steadily conquer the land under his flag of The Bloody Cross in an attempt to fully win Yurias love. Ultimately in her honour he built the city of Southern Cross. However Yuria because of Shins cruelty and ruthlessness and her love for Kenshiro never gave Shin her love. However Kenshiro survived and wandered the desert in search of Yuria. When he finally came face to face with Shin in the city of Southern Cross he defeated Shin with the Hokuto Juuji Zan or CrossKill of the North Star to kill Shin with his Bloody Cross emblem marked on his chest. However Shin confessed that Yuria had seemingly leapt to her death and preferring to die by his own hand than by Kenshiros followed her down. Kenshiro took Shins corpse and gave him a proper burial saying that it was because he loved the same woman as me.