Ron Mangan

A doctor and member of Garaga039s guerilla band he is also a skilled tactician. He provides a thoughtful and calm approach in contrast to Garaga039s use of brute force and sees great potential in Ruuji. Because of his many travels he039s a welleducated man on the road and also knows a few things about Zoid characteristics. He theorizes that Ruuji039s Murasame Liger became Hayate Liger through an event called Evolt. As their journey progresses Ron shows both Ruuji and Mii the mysteries of the planet as they travel as merchants to avoid detection. It is revealed that Ron knows those who safeguard Zi039s past relics from the time before the great disaster. He helps Ruuji by forming relations with various people to increase their chances of winning against Digald. Ron pilots the Zoid quotBamburianquot. Source: Wikipedia