Iris Chateaubriand

Birthday:Jul 5
Blood Type:AB
Seiy: Kumiko Nishihara American voices: Jessica Schwartz ADV Films Larissa Wolcott Sakura Wars TV Carrie Savage Bandai/Geneon FUNimation Floral Namesake: Iris Place of Origin: Champagne France Martial art/talents: Psionics: teleportation and psychokinesis KoubuKai/Jinbu/Tenbu/Koubu Nishiki Unit Color: Yellow Weapon: Psionic Energy Amplifiers Birthdate: July 5 1913 Age: 912 Height: 106 cm 30396quot Weight: 18 kg B/W/H: ?/?/? Theme songs: quotEtudequot and quotItoshi no JeanPaulquot quotBeloved JeanPaulquot Born into an aristocratic family somewhere in France in the state of Champagne Iris always wears a green gown with white apron and pink ribbon on her hair and carries her teddy bear Jean Paul around with her. Her Kobu is in yellow colour. The youngest member of the Hanagumi Iris does not use a weapon like her teammates but she has psionic Energy Amplifying powers. She can heal her teammates with her Marionette ability. Because of this she is the core of the Haja no Jin spiritual barricade formation. She is also capable of teleportation. She says that when she is 20 years old she will marry gami. Her parents apparently kept her locked in her room for a long time scared by her psychic abilities until Ayame came up to them and offered to take Iris to Japan.