Jennifer Grey

ジェニファーグレイ, Jenny
First appearance: Battle 200 Age: 20 Type: Dou Type: Katsujin Ken Martial Arts: Weapons Jennifer Grey or Jenny is the FBIs Special Infiltration Agent and a master of Guns. She infiltrated the D of D Tournament in order to take down Fortuna wanting revenge for killing her father Colonel Lancelord Grey. She is in love with Shio Sakaki claiming that she is his fiance when in fact he claimed that his love for her was because he was drunk. She also becomes jealous when she saw Shigure with Sakaki threatening him with a gun for infidelity. Like her father she is affiliated with the Katsujin Ken and uses the codeword angel to voice the action of her plans. Unlike her father Jenny isnt above using her guns to kill somebody as seen when she angrily shoots the fake Fortuna. Jenny is first seen as one of the host women inviting the Ryozanpaku masters and disciples to the D of D tournament. She managed to earn a high position in doing so as several other soldiers are seen answering to her. She disregards the ruins of the Shinpaku Alliances boat and proceeds with her agenda. Jenny approaches Sakaki just as the latter walks out of the Colosseum to infiltrate the island calling upon three weapon masters to capture Sakaki all along unaware that Shigure was tailing her to the entrance of the base. While in one of the hallways she uses the codeword angel to alert him to the holding cell of the American naval officers that have been captured and immediately turns on the three masters she called two of whom are defeated by Sakaki and one by Shigure while Sakaki breaks through the wall and frees the naval officers. The trio then proceed to wreak havoc within the base as American forces land to capture the several mafia bosses on the island. Jenny later proceeds up to Fortunas box with Sakaki commenting on just how calm the master of DofD was. Disregarding Sakakis suggestions she unleashes her Colorado Shot on Fortuna only to realize that the one sitting there was merely a robot. She angrily heads off in search of the real Fortuna. While looking for Fortuna Jenny stumbles across the Shinpaku Alliance and still set on killing her fathers murderer asks them if they have seen Fortuna. She is directed to the fallen figure of Fortuna defeated by the Shinpaku Alliance and then laughs off her killing intent doubling over and laughing at how laughable it was for Fortuna to be beaten by children and orders his capture and arrest.