雲のジュウザ, Juuza of the Clouds
Juza of the Clouds Kumo no Jza is the childhood rival of Raoh and a martial art prodigy who uses a selfstyled martial art Gary no Ken that suits his freespirited personality. A childhood friend of Yuria Juza fell in love with her as they grew up but his hope of pursuing a relationship with her was shattered when he learned that they were halfsiblings from the same father. Afterwards Juza began living a carefree life of promiscuity indifferent to the cause of the other Goshasei until he learns the true identity of the Last Nanto General. Juza challenges Raoh to a fight and manages to stall him for a while by stealing his steed KokuohGo but is eventually defeated in one of Raohs most grueling battles. Source: Wikipedia