Hyun Ryu

류 현, Zen, Zenny
Age: 24 Birthday: April 1 Aries Height: 182cm 60 Weight: 75kg 165lbs Blood type: B A semisuccessful actor/dancer/singer. He can come across as narcissistic about his looks often posting selfies and exclaiming how handsome he is. However while it may seem he cares about his appearance the most he wants to be recognized and appreciated first and foremost for his career skills. On the surface Zen is known for being a very eccentric and flirtatious character. He will often talk about his looks praising and complimenting himself for how attractive he is as well as how talented he is when it comes to singing and acting. Zen tends to compare others to himself when it comes to looks frequently telling Yoosung to work out to look half as good as he does. Despite this Zen can become very loyal and caring especially to those he cares about. In conjunction deep down Zen self doubts himself wondering if people only see him for his looks rather than his talents. He can be easily upset if something affects his career almost entering a depressive state. He is known for pursuing larger and better musicals offering up smaller ones or turning them down if the opportunity presents itself. Source: Mystic Messenger Wiki