Reiji Oozora

Anime/Manga Season 1: The main protagonist character. Due to his short attention span he is renowned as a lazy quitter that never keeps any of his promises and is nicknamed The Tardy Champion. Blackmailed by Maiko he was dragged to Dragon Drive against his will but became obsessed with the game after his first taste of victory. He has the ability to tame almost any dragon. His dragon is ChibiChibisuke in Japanese. Chibi gains a special sword in one of the episodes after he defeats a legendary dragon. Many conflicts happens in his journey and he gains many allies. Manga Season 2: Still as lazy as ever he has hardly changed since his younger days. Because he overslept and missed the meeting with Meguru he did not go back to Rikyu straight away. Instead Agent S managed to bring him back to Earth to help fight against RIINs power.