Ivan Tsari

イワン・ツァーリ, Ivan Polywanov, イワン・ポリワノフ
A mysterious figure who wears a mask to hide his identity. He is a scientist who first researched methods of communication among living things but soon began devoting his research to creating biological weapons that could be manipulated via sound waves. He started harboring ambitions to become the ruler of Pipr and beyond by controlling living organisms through the biological fold waves present in the power of singing. His true identity is Ivan Polywanov Pirika Polywanovs father. While initially a kind father he nevertheless abandoned his wife and child to pursue his research. Years later he realized he could achieve his wish by exploiting Pirikas singing due to the strong biological fold waves present in her voice. Through the help of the Epsilon Foundation he began researching how to exploit the Vr Syndrome to control the local fauna the Unamushi.