Hoho Kajino

Birth Date: August 8 Height: 165 cm Weight: 51 kg Hoho is a manager for Rat Productions and a totally unreliable adult.2 A twentyfiveyearold employee for the Rat Productions agency Hoho is a manager who represents individuals wishing to make it big in the entertainment world. She is also the caretaker of a company dorm called Nezumi House where her talents Roko Hayu and Nina also live. However because the three never found work while staying there a decision was eventually made by the company to sell off the dorm. With even her own living situation at stake Hoho quickly rounded up an idol prospect named Ino and brought her to Nezumi House. She would then reveal to the girls that they had to form a new idol group Fruit Tart to earn money in order to keep the dorm afloat. Hoho would also film their latenight variety show Ochikobore Fruit Tart using a simple camcorder. Despite being a grown woman Hoho tends to act immature for her age and her slovenly beerdrinking habits can sometimes cause friction with the girls. She resents her childhood friend Riri for being more talented than she is having quickly earned the position of a fullfledged producer. Although cunning in her strategies to make money using Fruit Tart Hoho often neglects to consider the consequences of her decisions leading to situations that sometimes end with failure or that are simply demeaning for the girls. Nevertheless Hoho actually cares about the girls deep down and tries her best to help them succeed using whatever she can reasonably afford to do so.