Finn Koupe Shuzette


Finn is the prince of a small country, in the last episode the time when Ryuu looked up while hugging his dog there was a person in the window, it was him, but this is never mentioned. This is because due to the ordering of the anime, he is unable to appear, and there cannot be a season 2.

whose true gender has been concealed from the public. She initially appears as a reluctant participant in a series of arranged marriage meetings Kei's grandfather sets up for Hikari. When Hikari flees from the meeting, Finn falls for her on the spot, since Hikari fits the exact description of Finn's ideal person: a woman with long dark hair possessing a sweet yet tough personality who wears a red dress. After helping Hikari escape, Finn follows her to Japan with the intention of proposing to her. The SA later discover that Finn's mother fits the description of the ideal person Finn wants; Hikari tells Finn that it's a wonderful thing to look up to her mother so much before adding that she and Finn can still be friends. Afterwards, Finn enrolls in Hakusenkan and tries using Ryuu to get closer to Hikari, but ends up becoming very good friends with him.

(Source: Wikipedia)