エウレカ, Eureka Zita Eureka Thurston (エウレカ・サーストン)
Age: 14 16 Eureka Seven 30 32 Eureka Seven AO Gender: Female Hair Color: Aquamarine Eye Color: Purple Relatives: Maurice adoptive son Maeter adoptive daughter Linck adoptive son Eureka is a member of Gekkostate and the pilot of the Nirvash type ZERO alongside her copilot Renton Thurston Previously a top member of the military as she puts it a military dog her character development revolves primarily around her attempts to atone for her behavior and to learn to live without relying on orders instead of becoming her own person. A bit of an enigma Eureka is a young girl who has trouble communicating with and understanding people. She speaks very calmly and directly and due to her initial lack of empathy often comes across as blunt. She is often perplexed by other peoples emotions and behaviors making her naive especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. She is considered to be one of the most excellent LFO pilots due to being the pilot of the Nirvash type ZERO and used to be part of the United Federations Special Operations Force unit until she left with Holland She ends up taking in three children orphaned during her time in the S.O.F. becoming their adoptive mother. Eureka is usually characterized as someone who is in constant conflict with herself as she struggles to forgive herself for her blind following of orders and violent misdeeds. She is usually shown to immensely dislike herself beyond considering her physical appearance unattractive Eureka despises who she is or the lack thereof due to her numerous shortcomings in acceptable behavior and deficits in social skills. She actively seeks to make up for it treating others with kindness where possible and detesting conflict due to how she has hurt others through it. She also loves her children very much and has a strong parental instinct. Eureka treats the Nirvash type ZERO not as a machine but as a companion with thoughts and feelings of its own. Initially she knew nothing about her origin or her true purpose before joining Gekkostate due to her having no memories from before she was found. Source: Eureka Seven Wiki edited