Masahiro Sawamura

澤村正博, Kitsune

Sawamura is the clever people (smart and cunning), both in terms of lessons and basketball. He was the first person who steal a score from the Three Men, armed only with a trick, trick-wielding addition Sawamura main expertise is the Three Point, and is nicknamed as The Miracle Shooter basketball world. He is also a member of Scratch. He is Naruse's best friend. Sawamura plays street basketball to earn money as he lives by himself. He likes money very much and as a result turns towards gambling. His affinity to risk explains his constant attempts to sink only the three-point shots. He is not good in stamina, but he is very good at tricks. His famous nickname is Fox (Kitsune) Guy, as he is really tricky and loves gambling. He is a clever guy too. His only weaknesses are money and ghosts. In a flashback, it is revealed that Sawamura's father abandoned him and he was soon picked up by a Yakuza member named Fujita. Fujita taught him how to fight, including the ways of the streets. After Fujita was shot by one of his own, he was captured and confined, leaving Sawamura to live on his own.