Azusa Takatsuka

Azusa was born and raised in the modern worlds Tokyo. She has spent most of her life with her grandmother since her parents are often busy with their professions overseas. Several months before the main narrative takes place her grandmother collapsed and was admitted to the local hospital. Her grandmother underwent surgery and continues to sleep in a coma. Thanks to a brief exchange with a passing stranger Azusa keeps her hopes high for her grandmothers recovery. She tries to make do by herself by regularly going to classes at her all girls school and visiting her grandmother. Since she is interested in caregiving she plans to graduate and someday enroll for postgraduate education. It is during one of her hospital visits that she is summoned to the parallel world. Taking her grandmothers lessons to heart Azusa is mindful of old fashioned common decency. She tries to be civil and openminded to whoever she meets even if a person is confrontational Azusa tries to be reasonable with them. Though she is often polite kind and friendly her words are crisp and direct. No one can misinterpret her thoughtful and serious responses. Her honesty is at times transparent as she may not always be aware of her facial expressions. She is embarrassed if someone teases her about it.