Mitsuhide Akechi

Mitsuhide may appear to be a softspoken gentleman yet he wears many hats. Before the townsfolk and his family retainers he is a polite and cordial lord who speaks to them as though they are equals. He dully orders them whenever the situation calls for it never known by them to commit an error. The ladies fawn over his quiet elegance admiring the surreal charm and gentleness he showers them. With his comrades he is a suave observer with an endless repertoire of wellmeaning yet sarcastic comebacks. His foes fear his cold cruelty and peerless intellect his taunting smirk aggravating his unscrupulous haters and illwishers. Merciless to anyone who may endanger his lords success he spares no one from suffering punishment. Since he shamelessly swaps between his multiple faades when the situation calls for it many people find it difficult to fully understand Mitsuhide. Most often dont deem him trustworthy enough to try. Accustomed and bored by the grave misunderstanding Mitsuhide decided long ago that the most prudent action for him was to not fully trust other people. He would trust a person with professional modesty and courtesy but he would otherwise not be interested in building fellowships. Anyone who dared to become nearer to him would be subject to his own suspicions of betrayal or mistrust since previous experiences have taught him to not welcome others into his heart so carelessly. His simple feelings of loyalty towards Nobunaga is a miraculous discovery in his eyes. Even Mitsuhide is astonished to have been swayed so quickly into the Oda service. Thankful to at last find a lord worthy of his trust he enjoys his lords company and earnestly attends to his every task with untold devotion. After befriending Nobunaga Mitsuhide makes a conscious effort to at least make acquaintances at his lords behest. He believes that it is just another part of his duties yet Mitsuhide is unaware of the genuine loyalty he has won with a handful of supporters. He callously treats Hotaru as another tool for him in his plans when they first meet. Although he placed her under the same lens of skepticism and impassive professionalism as he had other people his impressions immediately change once he becomes aware of her true naivety and kindness. Mitsuhide is inwardly baffled that she would want to be by his side with unadulterated humanity something which he hasnt experienced personally until meeting her. His infatuation for her is sealed the moment she proclaims her shared belief in Nobunagas dream. Since Hotaru is slower on the uptake to the deeper meaning of her affections Mitsuhide cant help himself in teasing her. At times he may playfully threaten to silence her by touching her lips. Other times he feigns coldness towards her to punish her. Yet when he realizes that these ploys fail to take effect to the unassuming kunoichi Mitsuhide wont hesitate to shower her with his honest feelings in private. He shows her the childish and forward need he has for her company which may embarrass both of them. Source: Koei wiki