Mia Luna Tearmoon

ミーア・ルーナ・ティアムーン, Selfish Princess, The Empire's Wisdom, Great Sage of the Empire
Age:20 → 11 (beginning)
Birthday: Near the end of the year Birthday season: Winter Home town: Tearmoon Empire Lunatear Imperial Capital Whitemoon Palace The Tearmoon Empires one and only Princess. Lazy selfish and a complete coward. She didnt have a specific goal and only cared about herself. Shes 12 by the time she first attends to Saint Noel Academy. A few years later the Empire was in ruins under a financial crisis a famine and an epidemic that caused the death of 10 of its population. By the time Mia was 17 the revolutionary army caught her while on the run she was imprisoned in an underground cell for 3 years and then she died by guillotine at the age of 20. After that Mia woke up in her bed as her 11yearold self remembering her death by guillotine very clearly and was terrified by it. She still cares only about herself but because of that she has now a goal and that is to avoid the future of being executed by guillotine.