Ai Haibara

灰原哀, Miyano Shiho, Sherry, Anita Hailey, Vi Graythorn
Age: 78 as Ai Haibara 18 as Shiho Ais real name is Miyano Shiho. She is the daughter of an English mother and a Japanese father also members of the Black Organization both of whom are dead. A prodigy she was sent to the United States for education and at the age of eighteen then came back to Japan to continue her parents unfinished project on corporal reanimation obtaining the codename of Sherry in the process. Her dissatisfaction over the usage of one of her test compounds the APTX 4869 for killing purposes and her open questioning over the death of her sister Akemi Miyano caused her imprisonment and scheduled execution by the Organization. Being in a desperate situation she decided to commit suicide by taking a pill of APTX 4869. However it made her shrink into a body of a eightyearold girl mostly due to her special constitution. With her new small body form she easily escaped ran away and fell unconscious in front of Shinichis house.