Tonomori Nakaura


Birthday: April 28th Age: 24 Weight: 130 LB Height: 6'3" Bloodtype: AB Race: WIZ-DOM (Short History Review= Tomonori grew up in WIZ-DOM orphanage, and used to live alone until he found Tsukasa. He is a math teacher at Seika High. he is a little strict, but is well-liked by his students. He is a great cook, but has a low tolerance to alcohol. he and isshin got off on the wrong hand when they first came head to head-if it wasn't for Amou being with Tomonori; he wouldn't have agreed to become part of Mana's little group-and to be mind breaked) Tonomori Nakaura is a priest. He is also a math teacher at the school. He is part of Wiz-Dom and wields holy powers. His weapon is a cross that he wears around his neck. He has dark hair and wears glasses, and is always seen wearing his priest robes. He is quiet but fierce when he first appears actively in the series, calling out Kaname as a darklore to fight him. He calls to the Lord in each of his maneuvers and 'spells'. ~May contain spoilers~ At the beginning of the series, he is seen as the antagonist but is later mindbroken by Mana and is accepted with some difficulty as part of the group. Early, before the time the series takes place, Tonomori-san finds Tsukasa in the streets and takes care of him. He is very protective of him and has something close to a father/son relationship even though he is only in his twenties. He expects his students to listen to him in class, and seems somewhat strict but only when being disrupted. He appears as one of the weaker characters in the series, having to be protected by Tsukasa when he later fights a Darklore against whom his attacks have no effect.