Mayu Kousaka


The twelve-year-old protagonist of the series. She has a mother and a younger brother, and her family owns and runs a café called Clover; her father, though mentioned, never appears. After drinking the seven-color drink, Mayu gains the special ability to transform. She has a long-lasting elementary school crush on Shinya, and is unsure if he reciprocates her feelings. She is the only one who can see Pucho because of the 7-colored drink.

Mayu's romantic rival is Konoha and weeps constantly because of Konoha's many advances towards Shinya. In the 3rd volume she tries to make Shinya jealous by dating Yuuki, and it works, but Shinya doesn't reveal his true feelings and causes her to get upset. Due to Yuuki's kindness and love it causes the seven colored drink to appear and Mayu thinks she fell in love with him, but Pucho explains that the color was "to be loved".She tries to reject him but finds it hard since he was so kind to her. Yuuki sees her love for Shinya and tells her to go after him. She confesses her love again and Shinya kisses her. He and Mayu get married at the end of the book.