Hiyono Yuizaki

結崎ひよの, Hiyoko
The infamous school journalist Hiyono is the bubbly and energetic sidekick of Ayumu always stuck to his side. Very clever and a quickthinker her confidence borders dangerously on overconfidence. She is extroverted and is Ayumu039s polar opposite serving as one of the series039 few comicrelief characters. Her skill with computers are as amazing as her hacking abilities and she has access to over one hundred resources. She blackmails Wataya often and is very fond of Ayumu039s cooking. Hiyono is also one of the few who wholeheartedly believe in Ayumu she also has a great deal of faith and loyalty in him that carries on for the whole series. She attends Tsukiomi High School alongside with Ayumu Narumi. Source: Wikipedia