Ryotaro Tsuchiura

土浦 梁太郎

First Name: Ryotaro Last Name: Tsuchiura Japanese Way: Tsuchiura Ryotaro Name (in Kanji): 土浦梁太郎 Birthday: July 25 Horoscope: Leo Height: 181cm (5 feet, 11 inches) Blood Type: O Family: Father, mother, older sister, younger brother School: Seiso Academy Grade: Second Year, Regular Department, Class 5 (2-5) Instrument: Piano Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Kentarou Itou First Anime Appearance: Episode 1 First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1 • Belongs to the soccer team (position MF) • In middle school, he was on the soccer team and the track team at the same time. • His best subjects are science and mathematics Another second year General Education department student, and one of Kahoko's closest friends. He and Kahoko met after he ran into her, nearly knocking her down a staircase, saving her in the nick of time. Their friendship eventually grows, and she even confesses to him that she knew nothing about violins. He looks out for her and often helps her. Their relationship is often mistaken as that of a couple by other people in the school and even by Ryotaro’s ex-girlfriend. He is popular among the other students and had the respect of most male students. The female students admire him but find him a little hard to talk to. Ryotaro is the star of the soccer team, being very skilled at the sport (and even outdoing some third years). He is a very gifted pianist but quitted playing in public because of an unpleasant experience at a junior concert. Kahoko accidentally discovered his hidden talent, and he forced her not to tell anyone. He, however, revealed that secret in public when he helped Kahoko in the first round of the concours by being her accompanist, after which he, as well, was chosen to join the concours. He doesn't get along with Len, and they often get into disagreements over petty matters. His feelings for Kahoko seem to gradually deepen as the series progresses. wikipedia.com

In the manga, he confessed to Hino because he felt that Hino had feelings for Tsukimori and he didn't want Tsukimori to take away Hino from him.