Alice Liddell

アリス・リデル, Pretty Lady
Alice finds herself very plain and constantly compares herself to her sister. One day Alice falls asleep while waiting for her sister to get a card game. She is later awoken and sees a white rabbit dressed in coat and vest with a chain watch. Alice refuses to follow the rabbit muttering to herself that this is a dream and attempts to go back to sleep. The rabbit gets annoyed and turns into a human and carries Alice off. They both fall into a black hole and land in Wonderland. Now Alices adventure begins with characters like no others. Mafia royalty clock makers and crazy hoodlums who all fall for her. Follow her adventure as she attempts to leave this dream and go back to reality or will she fall in love this world? Alice reacts to everything a little bit more realistically than the original Alice questioning her surroundings however she is still dreamy and absent minded. Many of the other characters note that Alice unintentionally leads them on. Her views on life in general have made her a valuable part of wonderland life. The inhabitants fall in love with her because she values life not like the people who live there. She often considers returning home but is dissuaded by painful memories of her sisters Edith and Lorina that are induced by Nightmare. She chooses to reside in the neutral Clock Tower with Julius Monrey.