Takuto Kira

吉良 托人, Takkun

Birthday: September 27 Sign: Libra Height: 167 cm Weight: 56 kg Blood Type: O Shoe Size: 26 cm Favorite Food: sweet things and candy Doesn't like: Natto Takuto is a shinigami, AKA a Death God, partnered with another shinigami named Meroko. They are assigned to take Mitsuki's soul. His shinigami costume is a cat outfit with a backpack with wings, without which he would not enjoy the power of flight because he is not yet a full shinigami and hence has not sprouted wings of his own. He is capable of transforming into an anthropomorphic cat plushie. Takuto transforms Mitsuki into a 16-year-old to help her participate in a singing audition.

As the story continues he remembers his past life again for Mitsuki, but he was not allowed to. That causes problems... And even his love for Mitsuki is influenced by it.