Will A. Zeppeli

ウィル・A・ツェペリ, Baron Zeppeli
Birthday:Jan 19
Will A. Zeppeli was on a ship with a crew studying Aztec ruins when he was younger when his father put on the mask and killed everyone in the crew but his son. After this horrific event Zeppeli travels the world in order to destroy the mask and sees a man cure someone using the Ripple. Zeppeli is then directed to his master Tonpetty who teaches him to use the Ripple. However Tonpetty foresees Zeppelis death during his training warning him that should he complete his training he will surely die. Zeppeli doesnt share this fact until the fight with Tarkus where he afterwards gives his power to Jonathan whom he trained after the Joestars house burns down. His grandson is Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli.