Nanao Higashiyama

東山七緒, Higa-san
:::WARNING SPOILERS::: Nanao Higashiyama is Kohanamarursquos fated partner. She meets Kohanamaru when she bumps into him at the train station while hurrying to catch the next train. She soon realizes that she is not in her own body and rushes back to find the boy who switched with her. Kohanamaru has no knowledge as to what happened to them Nanao panics when she realizes she canrsquot go on her date. Desperate she forces Kohanamaru to go on the date for her and tells Kohanamaru what to do in secret and to avoid embarrassing herself in front of the boy she liked. Heartbroken that her date left Kohanamaru thinking it was her. Nanao instantly thought he left because he didnrsquot like her. Kohanamaru tried to comfort her in his efforts they accidentally kiss. She learns that she is Kohanamaru is her destined partner in which she likes Kohanamarursquos twin brother Konatsu. It is later revealed that the reason she liked Konatsu wasnrsquot because of his popularity but because of an incident that occurred when she was a child. She explains that she went to the countryside and met a boy that boy and her became friends. Nanao reminisced that she watched fireworks with him once and said they were very beautiful. She felt that boy was Konatsu when in truth it was really Kohanamaru. In volume 2 it is revealed she is in the archery club and has a talent for it. During an archery competition Kohanamaru takes Nanaorsquos place when they kiss again by accident. This event caused Nanaorsquos feelings of Kohanamaru to grow. More evidence suggesting Nanaorsquos feelings for Kohanamaru is showed after her birthday party. When she notices that something was wrong with Kohanamaru. She is more greatly affected after Kohanamaru loses all his memories of her. She then discovers how much she really did love him after his father decides that Kohanamaru will leave with him to travel around the world. At the end a much older Nanao is seen walking through the airport. It is there she bumps into a man and accidentally kisses him that man was Kohanamaru. She embraces him and reminds him about the time they first met. from Wikipedia