Romwell Jr

A Tuareg Azura spent six years separated from Noalle whom he used to take care of when they were younger. His real name is Romuelle Jr. but this is not his only secret. Extremely beautiful he wears an Arabic turban many jewels a bejewelled scimitar and Moroccan dresses. Due to his closeness to Noalle he calls him Rei. Its his part in Noalles childhood what keeps Noalle from suspecting the evil sadistic and cruel side of Azura. A thief he pretends to need Noalle in order to find treasure but in fact he plans to hurt him deeply. He doesnt attack openly and directly. No hes a cunning mastermind so he exploits Florian instead. Knowing in drugs he forces pills and smoky drugs into the helpless Florian whom he rapes and abuses constantly. He even causes Noalle and Florian to fight when Florian accuses Azura of his evil.