月詠, Tsukki, The Moon of Yoshiwara, Courtesan of Death
Birthday:Feb 9
Tsukuyo is a blondehaired woman with a scar over her forehead and left cheek. One of the better known Hundred Blooms of Yoshiwara a law enforcement squad of Yoshiwara that consists of all females deployed by the Night King Hosen. Despite appearing to be a heartless person when approached by Odd Jobs when he arrives to Yoshiwara throwing a fake kunai to their foreheads she later becomes friends with them. She has a difficult past being orphaned as a child only to be picked up and raised by a ruthless and deadly assassin Jiraia. While the original motive for Jiraia was to instill every bit of despair and tragedy of his own life into Tsukuyo of who he refers to as his art or perfect creation Tsukuyo ended up growing attached to what he did not manage to do. That is Friends A Home and Precious Things To Protect as told by Jiraia. Her loyalty and home lies with Hinowa in the underground city of Yoshiwara. She has ties with Hinowa who also helped raise her like an older sister/mother through her childhood.