Kouichi Kimura

Koichi Kimura is a fictional character in the anime series Digimon Frontier. Koichi is the final member to join the team. He was chosen to wield the Spirits of Darkness that hold AncientSphinxmon039s power. He is Koji Minamoto039s twin brother. Their parents divorced when they were very young so they hardly knew about each other. Koichi learned about Koji when his grandmother told him on her deathbed. He ran after Koji who was on his way to the Digital World to try and catch up with him but he fell down a flight of stairs and ended up in a coma as a result. His mind was taken into the Digital World by Cherubimon who saw his sadness. He erased Koichi039s memories and gave him the Human Spirit of Darkness to give him a semiphysical form as Duskmon until he was freed from Cherubimon039s control by Aldamon and Beowolfmon. After this he wielded the purified Spirits of Darkness and fought alongside his brother and the other DigiDestined. Later on Koichi began to realize that in reality his mind was not truly in the Digital World. On multiple occasions the DigiDestined were seriously injured revealing their Fractal Code DigiCode in Japan. However each time Koichi is far less hurt and reveals no Fractal Code. Crusadermon informed him that he was only a ghost within the Digital World and this troubled him towards the end of the series. As the final battles with Lucemon ensued Koichi sacrificed himself to save the other DigiDestined giving his spirits of darkness to his brother Koji. The powers of light and darkness begin to react within Koji039s body helping trigger Koji and Takuya039s final evolution into Susanoomon. In the final episode it is revealed by Loumlwemon that Koichi is still alive but is badly hurt. As Koji burst into the emergency room he realized he was too late to save his brother. But in the end the other DigiDestineds039 DTector Digivices were able to revive him after his death just moments earlier. Source: Wikipedia.