Touta Matsuda

松田桃太, Tota Matsuda, Taro Matsui (松井太郎), Taichiro Yamashita (山下太一郎)
Birthday:Dec 14, 1978
Blood Type:B
Height: 174 cm 58 Recognized as the most outspoken member of the investigation team Matsuda possesses an enthusiastic yet impulsive and nave personality often lacking the seriousness required for his work. Compared to his colleagues in the task force he stands out as notably inexperienced often being perceived as the weakest link within the group. Despite his evident shortcomings and lack of experience Matsuda proves to be valuable and at times indispensable to the investigation. He is not afraid to take dangerous risks going out of his way to support the team. While the majority of the Task Force sees Kira as a malevolent serial killer Matsuda frequently questions whether Kiras actions could be construed as performing good deeds. This skepticism grows particularly as more people seem to align with Kiras ideology. Matsuda displays a certain level of understanding and sympathy towards Kiras followers. However his ultimate loyalty remains with the Task Force and he is unwavering in his commitment to solving the Kira Case alongside his fellow officers. His allegiance is especially strong towards Soichiro Yagami whom he views as a mentor.