Taichi Yagami

八神太一, Tai, Taichi Kamiya
Taichi Yagami is the protagonist in the anime and manga Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure tri.. He is a major supporting character in Digimon Adventure 02. He is a DigiDestined partnered with Agumon and the bearer of the Crest of Courage. He is the older brother of Hikari Yagami. Taichi is energetic and adventurous. He is also acts impulsively and rushes without thinking the consequences especially when his friends are in danger but is quick to realize and admit he has been wrong and does whatever it takes to fix his mistakes. Despite his flaws Taichi is very caring and considerate of others even if his actions may cause some people to think otherwise. It takes time for him to learn how to be a leader but eventually he grows into the unifying force that leads all the other DigiDestined and keeps them together.