The 039daughter039 of Ryuusai. She is a formidable fighter able to use magic and weapons as well. She is able to stand her ground and even defeat Seiryu and Genbu in a 2on1 battle. She has a deep hate for Guren because she believes that he killed her father. She has a crow for a companion named Kai and cares very deeply for it. She and Rikugou seem to have feelings for each other. Rikugou has the most confrontations with her and ended up falling in love with her. Rikugou tried to talk some sense in her that Chigaeshi no Guuji is just using her to open the underworld but she replied that it is of her own free will. It is later reveal that see is not really Ryuusai daughter but in fact the daughter of the Priestess of the Overturned Earth. Source: Wikipedia