Liu Yiwu

劉 翊武, リュウ イーウ
Liu Yiwu is a Chinese officer in Annex I. He was appointed as the leader of the SinoAsian Squad 4 when they crashed on Mars. Liu is a very tall man with black hair and a large beard. He has black eyes and always wears glasses. While at first he was the least characterized officer in the Annex usually staying in the background and not standing out too much despite being the tallest person in the Annex after his betrayal was exposed he revealed his confident and ruthless personality. He has shown to be tolerant of his subordinates minor blunders such as Hongs but he also has showed respect to a fallen adversary Alexander Asimov. Liu was born in a lessaffluent abandon area but despite this he entered the military after graduating at the top of his college class thanks to his hardworking attitude and connections. At the age of 24 he married the daughter of a high official and after his hard work in the army he was chosen for the Annex Project. It is revealed later that Zhang MingMing was his crush and childhood friends. Liu is an officer and also be considered one of the strongest members of Annex I despite his low M.A.R.S Ranking. After receiving his M.O. Operation Liu gained the powers and abilities of the blueringed octopus allowing him to make use of the extremely potent tetrodotoxin which causes paralysis. He can disperse it into the air as poison gas but also use it as a painkiller and a way to boost and encourage regeneration in his body. He has multiple muscular tentacles which allow him to also use to fight and restrain enemies. He can regenerate his tentacles if they are lost in battle.