Biancasta Rodyt/Pyordoba


Bii is one of the most important characters in the story. She is the only legitimate Queen of Ramira and Prince Biyon's childhood friend/lover. She starts out being a royal maid's daughter who usually told her to stay away from Biyon as she was only a royal maid's daughter and can never be with the Prince (knowing this from her own past experience with the current king). Even then Bii couldn't help but fall deeply in love with Prince Biyon who obviously loved her back. But the circumstances were against them, to keep her from being killed her mother sends her far away with Vasa (another maid who is very close to Bii). As time passed by she grew up to be a very beautiful young lady (the prettiest drawn character in the story) who kept hoping to see Biyon, her mother and Rimira again one day. While living up on the mountains she met many people one of whom was a man named Sei (Ren), who at first was sent to kidnap her but ends up falling in love with her and protects her though out the story. Also thanks to him she was finally reunited with Biyon (now the King of Rimira). But problems still seem to never end as the Ramira council and the prime minster were strongly against tthem getting married, but Biyon was not about to give up on Bii so easily. He did everything in his power and went through many obstacles to marry her and at last he does. Bii becomes the Queen of Rimira and a short while after that she becomes pregnant, all is well or so it seems. A war breaks lose between the other countries and Rimira and on top of that Biyon has to lead his army and may not come back alive. He promises her that he will come back for her but till then she needs to keep herself and the baby safe. Due to certain circumstances she has to unwillingly leave Ramira with Eshe as it was not safe for her there anymore. Years pass by, Bii gives birth to a daughter named Priea (Pry) the only heir and Princess of Rimira (later on the Queen) and is finally once again reunited with Biyon. Through out the story she struggles to be with Biyon and wishes to live a simple happy life with her family. She is very close to Sei (Ren), Ryan Vaida (Leo) and Eshild Barder (Eshe) who have helped her throughout the story.

Bii is killed while trying to protect pry and herself on the Island from the men that Barder sent to kill them. Even when Sei arrives it is too late as she becomes very injured and so instead of having her own life saved she tells Sei to save Pry as she is the most important person (including Biyon) in her life and is very important for the future of Ramira. In the end Sei unwillingly leaves taking Pry with him as Bii dies. Her body is buried around the same place on the Island and later on Pry promises that she will one day relocate it back to Ramira

(Source: K0K05)