Heoric Vaida


Hiro is yet another important character in the story. He is the youngest heir of the Vaida family. He looks up to his older brother Ryan Vaida (Leo) and wishes to be a General just like him in the future. He was a very weak child and usually remained ill when he was young, due to this the fortune teller foresaw his future saying that he has two heavy stars upon him and his future will be very difficult (in the end whom will he choose?). The first time he meets Bii she tells him to always protect her child (Pry) in the future, thus declaring him as Queen Pry's first sworn Knight. During the first few chapter he does not have a main role until around volume 17 where he was told to protect a pregnant Bii during the war between the other countries and Rimira. He helps Bii and Eshe escape through a secret passage way but couldn't get away himself. Princess Theodora saves him from being executed and takes him to Anatoria as her servant. She names him Hith to hide his true identity as Heoric Vaida. There he gets raised by Princess Theodora as her own son and becomes Princess Areah's Bodyguard. As time passes and the second generation is all grown up, he then meets his long lost Princess/Queen (pry) and vows to always protect her. He also gets reunited with his brother after many years and from there on begins his story as he side by side with Queen pry establishes the new and powerful Ramira. He is also considered as Queen Pry's lover later on in the story, competing with Prince Sibel. (Source: K0K05)