Sasuke Tsubaki

椿 佐介, Sassun, Sasuko
Birthday:Nov 11, 1992
Blood Type:AB
manga 1994 anime Age 16 chapters 186 17 chapters 87present Height: 170 cm Weight: 56 kg School: Kaimei High School Class: 2F chapters 1209 3C chapters 210present Likes: Illustrated encyclopedias making designed tshirts Dislikes: Those who cause disorder Affiliation: Student Council He is the former vicepresident and current president of Kaimei High Schools Student Council. He is generally referred to by his last name Tsubaki only. He has a strict personality when it comes to people abiding to the rules. He is also strong when fighting especially in close combat but only displays such brutality when needed. He takes great responsibility for his actions has a great sense of justice and is shown to dislike foul play. Though he has a stiff attitude he is also shown to be very caring especially towards his friends. Like his Bossun he has inherited the will to help people. This was triggered when somebody saved him from being hassled by upperclassmen. His stiff composure can be interrupted when others teased him and when he competes with Bossun.