ハム・エッグ, Ham Egg, 赤羽, Inspector Akabane, Itachi, Itachi-no-Saigo, イタチの斎吾, Shogun Akahana, Mr. Hick, Morgan, Crack Wolf, Jack Bed, Sozu, Yasuki, Shikaku Shimen, Masukomi, Ericsson, Garcia
Hamegg is one of Osamu Tezukahttps://anilist.co/staff/96938s most widely used character actors. Motivated by greed he is extremely dishonest and a true coward character traits that make him perfect as a cringeworthy villain. He is usually cast alongside Acetylene Lamphttps://anilist.co/character/33515 in a partnership Tezuka thought worked particularly well as a henchman or lackey to another star such as Duke Redhttps://anilist.co/character/31681 Skunk Kusai or Marukabi Boon. His roles run the gamut from lighthearted comedy to darker more violent characters and oftentimes the parts he plays involve elements of both. As one of Tezukas oldest characters he appeared for the first time in Tezukas early amateur work The Old Mans Treasure Island 1945. Of course with a repetoire as large as his he has had many memorable performances including as Secret Police Inspector Akabane in A Message to Adolfhttps://anilist.co/manga/31695 198385 the hunter in Jungle Emperorhttps://anilist.co/manga/31771 195054 and numerous ones in Astro Boyhttps://anilist.co/manga/30728 195286. In another example of Tezuka using English words in punlike fashion Hameggs name is directly lifted from a popular breakfast combination. Distinguishing Features With his round head permanent grin and large peering eyes patterned after Hollywood actor Peter Lorre Hameggs appearance is one of the most distinctive among Tezukas varied cast and help illustrate him as a consummate shyster. Source: Tezuka In English In Dororo