Yui Hirasawa

平沢唯, ゆい, Onee-chan
Birthday:Nov 27
Height: 156 cm Main character guitarist lead vocalist. Having misunderstood that light music equals easy music like whistling she joined the Light Music Club and picked up guitar with absolutely no prior experience. She is the type of person who doesnt read manuals and relies on her own intuition and self taught approaches. Yui is a girl whos easily distracted by cute things and tasty food. Shes a crybaby but cheers up easily if she gets some sweets. She eats a lot of sweets but she does not gain as much as she eats she said to herself. In many ways some may say shes a child and making sure she practices is a problem. When Yui takes good care of something like her electric guitar Gitah she sleeps with it plays dress up with it and even also have tea time with it. When she wants to remember something she forgets everything else. Yuis energy seems to come from cake. She is a clumsy scatterbrain but optimistic and kindhearted. Yui gets good grades in school but is easily distracted by trivialities. She has her younger sister Ui who is very mature and acts as the older sister of Yui to take care of her and keep herself in line. She has a very easygoing nature but has incredible concentration when hyped though this is only limited to 34 subjects at a time. Despite all her flaws Yui is still a fundamentally goodhearted girl who openly expresses love with hugs holding hands and adorable nicknames most notably Azunyan for Azusa and once devoted to something she is loyal to a fault and can display neargenius levels of competence to the subject of devotion as shown by her perfect score in the makeup exams to return to the band. She has perfect pitch and thus can tune her guitar by ear flawlessly. She is the groups main vocalist although she is known to forget her lyrics in midperformance as well as overdoing things making her unable to perform sometimes. She is the sort of person who learns by being shown rather than by having read about it. Yui shows this lack of technical knowledge when she does not know what a palm mute or vibrato is when Azusa suggests the use of one when teaching her but could use one in her music. Yui doesnt follow any particular style and isnt picky. As long as she likes it anything is OK.