Hikari Yagami

八神ヒカリ, Kari, Hikari Kamiya
Hikari Yagami is a character in the anime and manga series Digimon Adventure Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Adventure tri.. Hikari is a DigiDestined partnered with Gatomon and embodies the trait of Crest of Light. She is the younger sister of Taichi Yagami. Kari is the sweet innocent and cheerful younger sibling of a Digidestined. She always looking for the best side of people and doesnt fight but can be serious in drastic situations. Kari is also selfless as she would put the safety of others before her own and doesnt want to trouble others. Her relationship with Yolei allows Kari to be more expressive true to her heart and overcomes the power of darkness as her friends are always there for her. As a young child she is prone to illness but grows out of it. As a teenager Kari is whimsical but is still a downtoearth person. Kari is shown to have a unique connection to light and darkness which seems to be related to her associated trait of her crest. She is empowered by the powers of light on one hand but very susceptible to the powers of darkness on the other leading her to be empowered by light and weakened by overwhelming darkness. Her stronger willpower after forming friendship with Yolei allows her to overcome this negative aspect. Kari is very close to Tai and heroworships him for his kindness and strength well into adolescence. Tai and Kari used to share a room but sometime between Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 Tai has moved to another room. Dark Gennai noted that Karis connection to Tai and her sensitive nature made her easier to break and the shock from Tais apparent death caused her negative emotions to influence the creation of Ordinemon.