Kagome Byakudan

Kagome seems very childish since she carries around a teddy bear named Percival everywhere she goes and talks to it constantly even referring to it as if it were a real person. She has a quiet voice and seems rather sad and lonely at times due to the fact that she doesnt seem to know a lot of people or have many friends at that. After becoming friends with Chikaru Kizuna and Remon she started to follow them around as well and became a member of their tightknit group. She is apparently also fond of Nagisa Aoi from Miator due to an incident between them which involved an umbrella. She seems to have a high degree of artistic abilities as is shown when she is building sand castles or acting in Romeo and Juliet. She also seems to have a heightened perception of others emotions and can tell when those around her are deeply distraught or in emotional pain. Source: Wikipedia