Ryuuichi Sakuma

Ryuichi was the vocalist for the legendary band Nittle Grasper along with Noriko Ukai and Tohma Seguchi. However they disbanded three years ago and Ryuichi went to America to persue a solo career. There he met Mr K Crawd Winchester who became his manager. Later on he returned to Japan where Nittle Grasper regrouped and caused rivalry for Shuichi039s band Bad Luck. Tatsuha Uesugi is obsessed with him. Source: Wikipedia Most of the time Ryuichi looks and acts like a little boy but once he starts singing he changes into a totally cool guy. He039s bad at Japanese but good at english. He039s nice to everyone. Even when Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper were up as rivals he still treated Shuichi as a friend and helped him out a lot. He could be seen as a little naive but that039s why he039s so sweet.