Marco Tongi

Real name Marco Togni. An agent of Section 2 and Angelicas handler. After being suspended from military service due to an injury to his left eye Marco was recommended by his friend Dr. Bianchi to be the handler of Angelica the first child assassin of Section 2. While taking care of Angelica Marco told her stories of The Prince of the Land of Pasta a fictional prince who ate only pasta. He spent much time looking for ideas for the story. This fascinated his girlfriend at the time Patricia who later wrote and published the storybook The Prince of the Land of Pasta a copy of which Marco bought and read for Angelica. As time went on Marco witnessed Section 2 develop into an effective combat unit and Angelicas tremendous potential as an assassin. Sadly Angelica also was the first girl to experience the sideeffects of the conditioning process particularly longterm memory loss. Disgusted with the many setbacks that resulted afterwards Marco felt that any further effort was in vain and had no desire to continue and takes an impersonal and critical approach to Angelicas training.