Romeo Candorebanto Montague

Romeo Candore Van de Montague is the son of Lord Laertes Montague and Lady Portia. He is heir to the throne of Neo Verona. For political reasons he has been forced into an unwanted engagement with Hermione a young noblewoman. As a nobleman he rides and owns a ryba named Cielo whom he later freed. In contrast to his father he is obedient and kindhearted often disapproving of his family039s method of ruling with tyranny. He is ostracized by the nobility save for his friend Benvolio. Like Juliet he too is torn between his responsibilities to his father and his love for Juliet to a lesser degree. Though he meets her in her other persona at different times he fell in love with Juliet after two meetings: once at the Montague Rose Ball and another in a field of irises. Confused by her attempts to distance herself from him he reexamines the graves where he first met Juliet as Odin and consults with his mother Portia learning that Juliet is the last daughter of the Capulets. Regardless of her heritage he still loves her. Thanks to the aid given by Portia and they attempt to live their lives in peace for a brief time and similar to the play recites marriage vows with Juliet in secret granting her childhood dreams to be a beautiful bride. They039re ultimately captured when while protecting a small town raided by the Carabinieri. Before she escapes he swears to her that he will work for a world where everyone noblemen and common folk alike can live together in peace. Banished to the Grandia mines for helping Juliet039s reunion with her allies Romeo truly learns the hardships of poverty and their spite for the Montague name when he volunteered to serve as a miner. When the mines experience a serious cave in he orders the mines to be abandoned and the prisoners free to return to Neo Verona. When refused permission to return to Neo Verona he leads everyone from the mines to ruins of a deserted town and promises they could bring their families to live with them once the time was right. Near the end of the series he had gained their respect and solidified a prosperous and plentiful village nearly from scratch. source: Wikipedia