Joshua Christopher

Full Name: Joshua Christopher Birthdate: Sometime in 1909 Age: 15 Family: Parents both deceased older sister Rosette. Place of origin: United States Likes: Exploring Dislikes: Vegetables Personality traits: Emotionally unstable obsessive. Background: Joshua Rosette039s younger brother is one of the 7 Apostlesmost likely the apostle of hope and the first to be found by Aion. The supernatural powers he had made him a very weak child who was constantly sick. Tired of being protected by his sister and wanting to be healthy so she didn039t have to worry about him he accepted Aion039s offer of becoming stronger and put Chrno039s horns on his head. The overwhelming power of the horns made him lose his sanity almost immediately and he frequently mixes dreams and reality. He constantly thinks about his dear sister Rosette almost to the point of being obsessed. He can be very dangerous sometimes so he is guarded by Fiore who he sometimes confuses with his sister though his feelings for her seem to go beyond that. He used to be a very noble boy with whose biggest dream was to become an explorer but now he barely remembers his past except for his sister.