Haruki Hanai

花井春樹, Megane
As class representative of 2C Hanai takes his duties seriously always trying to keep his classmates especially the males in line. Unable to have second thoughts he always says exactly what comes into his mind regardless of the consequences. He is hopelessly in love with Yakumo so strongly that she can read his mind literally from a mile away. As a child he was shy weak and always been bullied by other children. That changed with a little help from Mikoto who has been his friend since that time. He attends the same dojo as her and has a black belt in Kenpo as well. He tries very hard to join the Tea Club that Yakumo is in but is banned by Akira. Despite Hanai and Mikoto having their own love interests characters around them sometimes think that they are too close to be just friends. Some of his classmates like Yuuki seems to have a crush on him.