Ryou Saeba

冴羽獠, City Hunter, Nicky Larson, Coque Saeba, Joe Saeba
Birthday:Mar 26
The protagonist of City Hunter. Ryo is a combat expert having fought as a guerrilla in numerous conflicts alluded to throughout the series and has a long history of working in the underground. He carries a Colt Python. His mysterious past starts with him being the only survivor of a plane crash in Central America as a toddler. The crash left him an orphan in a rebel village during a civil war prompting him to learn to fight at a young age. As a result he has very little information on his true parentage or even his birthdate. Later Kaori Makimura unilaterally declared March 26 his birthday as that was they day they first met. After the war he ended up in the United States where he worked as a hired gun but eventually he found his way to Tokyo Japan. There he formed the City Hunter team with Hideyuki Makimura Kaoris brother and its sometime after that where the manga/TV series timeline begins.